At CCS, we are committed to providing expert service, sales, training and consultation to those who serve coffee in Western New York.

We aim to uplift a diverse community of coffee professionals and enthusiasts alike, providing avenues for growth and supporting each of our partners in their own unique perspectives.

The “Labrary” — our workshop and home base on Rhode Island St in Buffalo

Meet Your Tech – Clinton H

Between several cafés in Buffalo, Clinton has been brewing coffee, training baristas, managing inventory, and turning a wrench since 2013. They started in coffee while waiting for another “grown-up” job to get back to them, and have since seen that lost opportunity as one of the best things to happen to them. In June 2018 their time as Coffee Program Director came to a close at a small roaster/retailer, and it became clear that this was an opportunity to lean into what had become their favorite part of coffee. They started Connected Coffee Solutions, with the express goal of supporting local cafés and baristas through technical support, education, and social events. Independence as a technician meant they could be a cheerleader for everyone, and help create a collective rising tide for the coffee industry and community of Western New York.